Its anthem is the wind in her trees
And the waves of her seas.

Sunday, the seventeenth day of May, 1970, dawned bright, warm and clear over the old prairie grassland. As if in salute to such a perfect day, the first Flag of Earth, raised for the first time, took the south breeze straightaway. From the top of an old power pole (climbed by the overeager author) the Flag of Earth was then truly born.

Flag 1 - Day 1
The Flag of Earth is now 34-years-old, and on November 1, 2003, became part of the public domain. The rural power pole is long gone, and Flag of Earth number one comes out only on special occasions - a bit rusty on its grommets.

However alone the Flag of Earth may have appeared on that 1970 May morning, it was not forlorn. Flying on that day the Flag seemed to know what was expected of it; what its job would come to be.

As you read this, that job is underway. The Flag of Earth is now beginning to understand its purpose, its power, its goal and its place in this universe.

The song of the Flag of Earth
Sung by this star of Earth,
Is at once across the universe
Unspoken and unwritten.
Looking, listening.
Dream there.

The Flag of Earth whispers to us.

                        The Flag of Earth whispers of us!

                                                      The Flag of Earth is you.

                                                                 You are the Flag of Earth.

"The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind."
Bob Dylan - 1962

The Flag of Earth has been protected by its author, from any demographics or obligations. The Flag of Earth has always been a truly "bootstrap" project; funded only by sales and its author. The Flag of Earth, while on Earth, has had no display protocol.  There are as many reasons for the Flag of Earth as there are people who have ordered one. The Flag of Earth has been kept free of class, ethnic, national, racial, or religious and spiritual predispositions. The Flag of Earth has been kept persistent, insinuative, and free of any specific point-of-origin to the extent that these things have been possible.

This website expresses an extension of these ethics in that it will never employ tracing and/or spying technology. Nobody knows (or cares if) you are here.

My sincere wish is that the ethic I have attempted for the Flag of Earth since its birth continues at least into the next millennium.

Front Yard

The goal of this website never has been, and will never be to make money; although I won't be disappointed if it does. It has been meant rather as a source of historic information, and an accurate source/guide for copyright "fair use" activity. There were never any royalties charged, even for activities outside of "fair use."

The Flag of Earth and its fate now belong to you, no matter where you are, or who or what or when you are.

The Flag of Earth copyright [registration GP 69310 (1970) & RE 771-538 (1998)] is now relinquished to the public domain by the author (who always remained the sole holder of the Flag of Earth copyright), as of November 1, 2003.

This portion of James Cadle's website has been removed, because it contains purchasing information, now out-of-date.

[This is a Rank Amateur (Olde Pfardt) June, 2004 Ongoing Production]

This webpage is not copyrighted. Any and every aspect of this webpage may be copied and reproduced without legal regard (except for the Bob Dylan line). Go for it!   -James W. Cadle-